The annual decompression event of Montreal’s Burner Community

April 6th, 2024


La vente des billets commence dès le 14 février!

Altougth coming to life as a nightime event that lasts until the very dawn, taBURNak! is less of a party and more of a social experiment: a collaborative event that celebrates art, individuality and community.

Born in 2010 out of the iniative of the Montreal’s Burner community, taBURNak! has happened every year until 2019, a year that also marks its last edition. As they did to numerous other recurring transient third-spaces, COVID restrictions got the better of this special and unique space dedicated to alternative forms of expression.

This year, taBURNak! is about to be born again, rising up from its own ashes for its TENTH EDITION (Xth), organized by a fired up team of volunteers and supported by the Organisme de Décompression des Brûleurs de Montréal. Yet, nine editions of taBURNak! could never have existed without the contribution of its community – which you are a part of!

We invite artists and entertainers of all sorts to submit projects that will be integrated to the event. Visual and decorative arts, immersive experiences, interactive performances.. we are giving out grants from the ticket selling to allow you to unleash your creativity and explore your knack for experimentation.