taBURNak!  is more than a party; it’s also a community event. With art, workshops, opportunities to learn, to share, to dance, to sing taBURNak! is whatever we chose to make together.

We provide the blank canvas you fill it in with your talents! To that end it is expected of you to be involved, you can pARTicipate in so many ways. Get in touch with our organizers to find out more:


WORKSHOPS (More info to come)
ART INSTALLATIONS (More info to come)
PERFORMANCES (More info to come)
FIRE PERFORMANCES (More info to come)
THEME CAMPS (More info to come)



This year taBURNak! is pleased to announce that we are able to help fund some of your amazing art projects! Because of all of the support and growth we’ve been able to do in the last few years, we now want to help YOU bring and build better projects than ever for taBURNak! 9.


Applications must be sent to  before January 7th 2019.


Grant Application (EN) – Opening Soon